Monday, 21 March 2016

Hello World by Core LTE...

Hello everyone.

Welcome to Core LTE. This blog is dedicated to all the engineers, managers and whoever directly or indirectly working for LTE.

In this blog I will post LTE related articles. LTE is a 3GPP standard specification. I will just try to explain what 3GPP wants to say about LTE in my own words. As no one knows everything, I am also here to learn from my reader. If you find any error or conflict which seems not aligned with 3GPP standards, please inform me. I'll fix it right away.

I will try my best to explain things clearly and everything what I know or found on LTE.

About me:
I am Shekhar Prasad Shaw. I am working in LTE since last about 2.5 Years in Qualcomm as a contract employee. I am a ECE branch student, passed out in 2012 from WBUT.

I thank everyone who visited my blog, read my posts and I'll appreciate if your give your valuable feedback and comments of my posts. Thanks for reading and please share this to your LTE colleagues also. :)

Thanks you very much.

- A Short note from Author, Shekhar.

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